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Note: Testimonials Are Published With the Respective Patient’s Permission

GB, Female, NY, NY said:
I started to see Dr. Chan, really, in an effort to reduce my high daily antiviral usage to control some face twitching/slight paralysis that I’ve had for 4 to 5 years due to a herpes-like virus that settled on my ear nerve.  This condition worsened since I first had a facial paralysis episode about 5 years ago. It became manageable only at daily high doses of an antiviral.  In an effort to decrease my dose/or perhaps, even eliminate it, I started weekly acupuncture sessions with Dr. Chan.  I was hoping acupuncture might be able to improve my immune system to the point where I would be able to manage the virus with PRN antiviral dosing.  Within a couple of months of weekly treatments with Dr. Chan, I was able to reduce my antiviral dose by 25%; after an additional few months, I was able to manage the twitching/ear virus flair ups with only 25% of my initial high dose.   After a year, I completely stopped daily antivirals use.  I continue to see Dr. Chan for maintenance about every other week or so.  Now I’m a true believer of the benefits of acupuncture and Dr. Chan is a dedicated, committed-to-healing provider.

CA, Female, NY, NY said:
I was so happy to find Dr. Chan! He is extremely knowledgeable and was incredibly patient in answering all my questions. I went in for fertility issues and he explained in detail what treatments would be best and why. I was surprised at how relaxing it was and found myself falling asleep during treatments. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for acupuncture. He is incredibly compassionate and will make you feel comfortable immediately, not to mention the office is warm, inviting and clean!!

YR, Male, Brooklyn, NY said:
I get acupuncture treatment for stress and skin problems (severe face and body eczema) and Dr. Chan has helped me immensely. I used to have to worry about my red and flaky skin daily, but Dr. Chan has helped me stabilize the condition and keep it stable. Dr. Chan is skilled and professional; he will make sure to know what your problems are and answer your questions thoroughly. The acupuncture sessions are calming and relaxing. I always recommend Dr. Chan to anyone who is open to traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture therapy.

Dr. Chan:  The patient’s skin was completely covered with blisters and dry patches for his whole life.  After 6 months of treatment, his skin is almost entirely normal without the use of any steroids.

HJ, Male, NY, NY said:
Dr. Chan is by far the best acupuncturist I have gone to. After a few visits to fix chronic lower and middle back pain that was almost debilitating at times, the pain has almost disappeared in its entirety. I now go occasionally for maintenance. Dr. Chan is also incredibly patient and understanding. I was terrified of needles and Dr. Chan has almost entirely removed that fear (something that many doctors and nurses have failed to do over the years). The sessions are both relieving of pain and very soothing mentally. I would recommend Dr. Chan to any and all people that are looking into Acupuncture.

HH, Female, NY, NY said:
Dr. Chan was great, I went for a pinched nerve in my foot (Morton’s Neuroma) and within 4 sessions, my foot was feeling better. I haven’t gone for acupuncture before, but figured I would try it before taking pain pills and waiting it out. It was a great experience and I would recommend him to anyone. He even reached out to my insurance to help me figure out billing.  🙂

TJ, Female, Brooklyn, NY said:
I’ve been with Petson for over a year. He is a highly educated and competent acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. He has been treating me for back pain, health and wellness. I was getting my period every 5-6 weeks for the past 15 years. My GYN said it’s normal as long as I get it on a regular basis. The past year, I would get these sharp lower back pain right before my period and goes away once I get my period. Therefore, I would suffer by the 5th to 6th week when I don’t get my period. The pain was excruciating. Petson understood my body better than I did. With his knowledge and skill, he was able to regulate my cycle to 4-5 weeks and my lower back pain disappeared. Petson made every visit comfortable and pain-free. I always look forward to my next session with him. I highly recommend Petson.

SS, Female, NY, NY said:
“I have had years of arthritic pain, nerve damage, and stress among other issues. In the past ten years, I have seen countless medical doctors, been treated at the best hospitals in New York, and visited at least three acupuncturists. To date, none of these approaches have been able to reduce symptoms, whether physically or psychologically. Recently, I was recommended to visit Petson Chan Acupuncture and although skeptical, I went. As soon as you walk into the space – from the choice of lighting, decor, scent, as well as the music -you are immediately put into a state of rest. Dr. Chan himself is very calming, personable, and holistic. His questions are thorough and you feel results even in the first session. He walks you through every positioning of the needles and the reasoning for the placement. He also stresses that his treatments should be considered as a supplement to traditional medicine, not a replacement. All I know is that I have seen more progress in my health in the past two months than I have from solely traditional medical treatments over the past decade. I highly recommend Petson Chan Acupuncture.”

JB, Female, NY, NY said:
“I met with Petson upon a trusted friend’s referral and was thrilled- he addressed my immediate pain issues related to a chronic condition within a high stress environment – and helped me find immediate relief in new ways. He also provided great suggestions and resources for exercises and supplements to bolster the effects of my treatments off the table. I brought him into my workplace to treat my staff, and all who saw him were as pleased to work with him as I was. Petson is very caring, thoughtful, nurturing, and thorough in his treatment. His technique is amazing for anyone who is afraid of needles- you don’t even know when they go in, but you feel the benefits immediately. I would advise anyone to seek him out!”

AC, Male, NY, NY said:
“I endured years of hip pain, but a series of specialists, including two orthopedists, a rheumatologist and a physiatrist, were unable to diagnose the reason for the pain. So my hip pain remained untreated for years. Finally, a relative recommended that I try Petson Chan Acupuncture. Petson treated me very successfully! I’m delighted to report that my hip pain went away in a matter of a few short weeks. I’ve been able to return to activities such as running and hiking that the pain had prevented me from taking part in.

Petson is an absolute professional. The process of receiving treatment was painless and pleasant — the essence of healing. I actually looked forward to my sessions. I’d strongly recommend Petson to anyone who is considering acupuncture.”

RB, Male, LI, NY said:
“My TMJ has been an ongoing issue for years. It can get really painful, and disrupt my daily life – often making me not want to do anything. I first met Dr. Chan when he came into my office to offer trials of acupuncture. My TMJ was in a bad place at that point, and I was about to go on vacation. After 45 minutes with Dr. Chan, I felt like something had changed. The next few days, there was noticeable improvement. I’m now seeing Dr. Chan regularly as acupuncture has proven to be an effective form of treatment for my TMJ. In addition to his professional demeanor, Dr. Chan keeps me at ease as he always talks through the steps of every treatment with me, and makes sure I get the most out of every appointment.”

LV, Female, Bronx, NY said:
“Petson Chan is a skilled practitioner in acupuncture treatment. His techniques are performed with minimum discomfort. I have found the treatments with him to be very relaxing and sometimes I fall asleep during the session. Along with the acupuncture he has successfully utilized acupressure and herbal applications to relieve my muscle pain, stiffness and weakness. Through these treatments I have an increased appreciation for how the integration of Chinese and Western medicine has provided me with optimal health–I highly recommend him.”

VO, Male, NY, NY said:
“I had used acupuncture before to treat muscle spasms in my neck. This had been proven successful in reducing stress and pain. When I met Petson Chan, he was able to surpass my expectations as he delivered a much superior experience that what I have had before. Petson dedicates a FULL hour of therapy combining different techniques (heat, acupuncture, massage, etc.) in order to deliver maximum results. He is a great listener, which I have found is essential to reach results as what your body needs might be different day-to-day. His facilities are very clean and comfortable. He always runs on time. Booking, cancelling or moving appointments is easy, as it can be done via his site. I strongly recommend Petson for anyone interested in acupuncture and holistic medicine.”

AL, Male, Queens, NY said:
“I started seeing Dr. Chan in May of 2015 for acute tendonitis of my right forearm. I had never experienced anything so debilitating in my life. As a result, I lost some of the strength to my right hand, I had to work around the wrist to avoid sharp pains and I constantly felt a hot burning sensation in my forearm. At my previous doctor’s recommendation, I took a year off work just to ease the pain, but it was never cured. I then started seeing Dr. Chan for weekly acupuncture treatments… and after just one treatment; I knew I was at the right place. Dr. Chan was extremely gentle with the needles as I am truly terrified of them. He made sure that I was not in any pain during the treatment. I think he is truly a professional in his field and I don’t know where I would be today without him helping me through the terrible time of my life.”

LA, Male, Queens, NY said:
“I was a bit scared with acupuncture and was unsure if this was the route I wanted to take. I had no idea what I was in for or what the outcome would be. The consultation with Petson was very detailed, informative, and with a thorough evaluation. I am glad that I gave this a try. After the first session I knew that I had made the right choice in trying acupuncture to fix my anxiety disorder. After going back for the third session, I now feel like myself. I am grateful I had an amazing and supportive acupuncturist to help me.”

DC, Female, Brooklyn, NY said:
“I had been suffering with anxiety for almost a year and was looking into alternatives to medication when I discovered acupuncture. From the moment I walked into Petson’s office, I knew I was in good hands. He took a very comprehensive health history and explained everything in great detail about what I was feeling and why I was feeling this way. Then he outlined how we would treat my anxiety as well as other issues I was having. I had also been suffering with headaches and neck pain for years and was getting regular chiropractic care for these issues. Petson was able to treat these issues as well.

Before each treatment, Petson gave a step by step overview of how the treatment would go. He was always making sure I was comfortable each step of the way. After a handful of treatments, I felt a tremendous difference in my anxiety. My level of anxiety is diminished and I have not had a headache in a few weeks. I have regained mobility in my neck and am not in constant pain anymore. I have not gone back to the chiropractor since starting treatment with Petson.

I would highly recommend Petson Chan Acupuncture to anyone seeking alternative forms of care. Petson is always willing to answer questions and strives to meet the needs of all of his patients.”

JY, Male, NJ said:
“I get acupuncture for my anxiety, eczema, and a slew of other health problems I have. It’s always a great help and simple to do. Much more effective than medication that doesn’t treat the source of the problem. Petson is easy going, trustworthy, and takes the time to make sure you know what the problems are. Definitely has my recommendation!”

MC, Female, Miami, FL said:
“Would not trust anyone else but Petson! The best acupuncturist in my dictionary! No pain and fast results! Did a treatment on my knees for a torn meniscus and the pain and swelling reduced the very next morning! Got sweaty palms because I was nervous but was well worth it!! Highly recommended!!”